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The SCR-578 "Gibson Girl" Page

Scanned "Gibson Girls" Manuals

One of the most difficult parts of dealing with these old devices is finding the appropriate manuals. Without schematics and other descriptions, it is a hopeless task trying to repair or even understand these things.

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SCR-578 Preliminary Instruction Manual  This appears to be the introductory manual by the Bendix Corporation for the "Gibson Girl" rescue transmitter. It was a beautiful glossy-page manual. It was not overly detailed, but the halftone images of the operation of the device are remarkable.

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AN 16-30CRT3-2: Handbook of Maintenance Instructions for Radio Set AN/CRT-3   This is a very detailed book of not just the Gibson Girl transmitter, but there is also a lot of information about the kite, the baloon, the packing bag the whole thing comes in, and much, much more. The halftone images are not great, but I think I got them pretty true to the original. This manual does have many photos of the insides of the device with descriptions of the generator, the gears, and more. The original manual had some water damage, but every page seems pretty legible.